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Delta Studio Amplifier 6L6

"Audio Video" 4/2002

A tube amplifier characterized by a good 'drive' and deep sound facture.

After test of EL34 amplifier, we introduce the cheapest model in offer of Delta Studio, an amplifiers producer from Wrocław. In spite of lower price and output power, 6L6 is a very interesting and valuable suggestion especially for people listening blues, classical music, but not only, the more so because industrial design and quality of workmanship are identical as in more expensive model.


6L6 amplifier looks identical to other amplifiers from this producer. All structural and decorative elements has been taken from model EL34 (description in AV 12/01 page 46). The only visible difference are power tubes - 6L6 or 5881 (hence of this the name of this amplifier). They are a little lower and thicker than known and slender EL34, but shape of glass bulb is very similar to EL34 so only most perceptive or familiar with tubes persons will perceive this difference. The electric system is almost identical as in other amplifiers, obviously with some changes which were necessary for proper application of stream tetrodes 6L6.


Unlike to earlier tested model EL34 the colour of tone is generally subdued - rather in pastel shade. The range of transmitted tones is not questionable, because all frequency range is transmitted properly. With reference to natural tone you may perceive some symptoms of harsh and uncontinuity, especially while reproducing more complicated or impetuous parts of record. The shapes of sounds are strongly less rounded than in model EL34, with depth enough texture. The contour edges are therefore more clear and a sound is drawn rather thin line. Weight and consistency of tone are comparable with this what offers EL34. In general terms it is suggestive, lively, spontaneous, open, free with symptoms of flourish. On the other hand - it concerns only some records - it can be sometimes spread and absent-minded. Low frequencies have been reproduced enough confidently and legibly. Pitch and tone of bass is shorter than in EL34, and speed of growing and termination a little better. Shapes of sounds are compact with moderate dimensions. Along with decreasing frequency we did not observe loosing of energy and dynamics. In all time they were kept on decent standard. The rhythm and synchronization are a little better than in EL34, thanks to this achieved very good "drive". Continuously fall breakthrough tones are transmitted naturally, with rich shape and deep texture. In the range of highest frequencies you can hear complete and lively tone with substantial dose of energy, not always well coordinated. Sometimes trebles impose their to much spontaneous character, keeping natural timbre of sound.

Issues of building spaces fall like in case of EL34. Reconstruction of dynamic seems to be better. 6L6 characterize unquestionable dynamics, but on high volume of sound the amplifier loses his breath and it has a lack of scale. Distinction of details, so-called Microdynamic fall good, but reproduction records with dense arrangement does not seem to be strong side of 6L6, but in the other side the guitar riffs are excellent. Estimating overall character of sound Delta 6L6, you may have a feeling that creators of this amplifier did not aim to obtain generally understood harmony and balance of tones. In spite of correct capture proper proportions of picture tone, the amplifier is capable sometimes to walk away from general description to specific event on the scene, almost loosing musical background from his eyes. A substantial dose of live and energy makes, that listener is pulled into listening very quickly, and Foot Tapping Factor keep on high standard, thanks to this the amplifier will not only be useful to relax or romantic listening.


Delta Studio 6L6 is successful amplifier with very interesting tone features. It has a chance to earn liking of persons who think highly of feeling rhythm, "drive" and signs of energy in records. For these reasons 6L6 seems to be predestine for reproduction blues, light rock, jazz and not big acoustic compositions. But it is not an universal amplifier and it will not match hopes e.g. listeners who look for warm and relaxation in music.

Ludwik Igielski  

Delta Studio 6L6
Category B
Rate * * * *

Technical data
Output power 2 x 32 W (2 x 5 W in A class)
Band width 2,4 Hz - 92 kHz
THD distortions < 0,027%
Intermodulation distortions < 0,08%
Signal/noise ratio > 90 dB
Dynamic > 125 dB
Weight 25 kg
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