Delta Studio                 The Wonderful Sound of Music

We would like to present you audio tube amplifiers from Delta Studio.

They are distinguished by excellent sound parameters and a high-quality, unusual design. That is why "The Wonderful Sound of Music" best describes our devices.

Oval casing unites in one harmonic element all metal and wooden parts. We designed it with a sophisticated and having a tasteful sense of beauty audience in mind. All visible parts are round: from tubes, through main casing and transformer housings, to volume control dial. You can have an impression that every element is inspired by tubes - quintessence of this device.

The core (because tubes are the heart) of every of our amplifiers are speaker transformers. These unique constructions are designed and made by Delta Studio. They are based on EI shapes, which we find much better then toroids.

Assembly is done on PCBs with a thought out topology, which allows recurrency and provides great parameters and reduction of distortions. Our devices are made as dual-mono power amplifiers with volume control and one signal input.

Our basic line amplifiers are made in a Push-Pull, ultralinear system with two power tubes per channel. A competition for the most known and esteemed High-End audio producers are our 6S33S monoblocks with separated power suplies for each channel. Complete happiness.

To fully satisfy very demanding custommers we design and make individual constructions for request. We fullfill most sophisticated wishes of Music fans.

We invite you to join the group of satisfied users of Delta Studio Amplifiers.
Witold Jaskułowski  
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