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Delta Studio Amplifier EL34

"Audio Video" 12/2001

A new company joined a group of the first-class audio tube amplifiers' producers. Delta Studio from Wrocław worked out a set of amplifiers being characterized by a very inviting look and a precisie execution.

As for now there are three models having names connected with types of power tubes that are used in them. A central model equipped with appreciated by experts EL 34 tubes is presented here.


The Delta Studio EL 34 is made with so great care that other renowed producers seem to be of little effectivness. On the other hand, a mechanical construction of the device showes an old positivly verified basic scheme, on which there are uncovered electron tubes as well as output transformer closed in special screens. On the other hand, the whole construction assumed a very interesting form (an incomplete circle) made of black vernished metal sheet and of full gloss wooden frame. The amplifier looks good and gives you nice visual impressions. The colouring of the wood, a light of a LED diode directed downwards reflecting from the basis on which the device is arranged and magic glimmers of glowing tubes make an unique atmosphere. Delta is the integrated amplifier with 4 linear inputs and having passive preliminary amplifier. Both handwheels are located on the upper plate of the amplifier almost in the central point among tubes. The signal line is a variant of the well-known Williamson's system with a push-pull power factor operating in AB class - "ultralinear" configuration. The double triodes 6N2P and 6N2P function in the entrance and in the power factor - EL 34 (a pair in one channel). Irrespective of being the tube installation, the amplifier is characterized by very good parameters. It is also equipped with systems of protection and late start. A full readiness to work is signaled by a LED's colour change.


Delta EL 34 is one of not many devices on our market which is characterized by a sound aspect that is defined precisly and beautiful in aestetic categories. Almost the whole tonal pallet is reproduced, however without regular intensity. The sound tone is rather dark, sweet, a bit warmed, particularly in a range of mid tones and its fracture with high tones. As far as the natural sound is considered, you can feel existence of binate harmonic tones (however it is not a weakness here and it is presented only to a certain degree). Forms of separate tones are rather round with smooth facture. A contour of ribs is slightly softened, and the sound is drawed with not fine line. Both weight and consistency are not excessive ones, however you can get an impression that the sound is of considerable density. You feel forced to say: cream sound. In general categories, it can be defined as a plastic, tongible, suggestive, emotional, exciting, involving, expressive and well combined sound. You can also hear imperceptible signs of sound and this sound becomes contracted occasionally. A rate of sound increase and extinction keeps standards, but it is not the best in this area. Its shape is decidedly oval with a big gabarit and the bass is reproduced rather firmly and legibly. It refers to its higher range especialy. Unfortunately, the lowest register has not such dynamics and energy as the rest of the band has - it means lack of the power on the "very bottom". The middle register is reproduced smoothly. A rhytmical aspect of music is transmited correctly. But a presentation of sopranos makes the sound of a romantic quality. Everything is arranged restrainedly, and the sound does not become gluey or slightly coloured. Sopranos restrain sweet, soft and delicate ones. An integration with the middle register occurs fairly good. Delta creates spatials impressions properly. It does not affect you too much by the width of its stage or panorama. The sound perspective built by EL34 is quite sufficient for the most of sound recordings under conditions of typical habitable rooms. The plans' arragement is legible and its gradation much better that is offered by the majority of the competition. The dynamics gives you good impressions. Microelements can be distinguished, however there is lack of fineness in them. Dynamic imulses are transmitted without compression, and without excessive force. The amplifier loses good resolving power and selectivity of the sound picture during sound recordings' reproduction containing large instruments' groups. It is not very unpleasant but perceptible. In general categories, EL34 is characterized by the harmonious and balanced sound well enough to enjoy listening to the music for a relaxation purpouses. Here, mutual balance and proper proportions among elements are transfered into creating adequate climate and to outline fundamental events on the stage more than into getting a great sharpness - an ability to perceive both recording sounds' fragments and their compositions as the whole simultaneously.


Delta Studio EL34 will be treasured in my memory as the device with the nice sound characteristic and an interesting design. I can easily recommend it to people who above all appreciate emotional transmission, and who listen to the music for relaxation. Music lovers prefering vocalism, chamber music, or these kinds of pop music which sound lightly will not be disappointed with this amplifier. The Delta has its natural limitations, so adherents of megadynamics or superprecision of audio monitoring should decidedly look for their favourite devices somewhere else. But it does not effect a final appraisal. The beautiful design and the very emotional sound aestetic of EL34 deserve our best recommendation.

Ludwik Igielski  

Delta Studio EL34
Category B
Rate * * * *

Technical data
Output power 2 x 45 W (2 x 5 W in A class)
Band width 2,7 Hz-92 kHz
THD distortions < 0,07%
Intermodulation distortions < 0,14%
Signal/noise ratio > 90 dB
Dynamic > 120 dB
Weight 25 kg
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