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Delta Studio Amplifier KT88

Technical data
Power tubes KT88, Push-Pull, class AB
Steering tubes 6N2P, 6N1P
Power 63 W per channel, Push-Pull, class AB
Frequency response 20 - 20k Hz @ 0 dB
  4 - 90k Hz @ -3 dB
for 1W/1kHz
- intermodulations: <0,08%
- THD: <0,06%
Signal/noise ratio > 90 db
Dynamic > 90 db
Inputs 1 pair of stereo RCA
Outputs 2 pairs of speaker sockets
Output impedancy 4 or 8 Ohm (switch)
Potentiometer ALPS RK27
Power supply Integrated
Size 44 x 44 x 24 cm
Weight ~ 30 kg
Power usage up to 450 W
Options - additional 2 pairs of RCAs
- additional 1 pair of RCA and 1 pair of XLR
- output impedancy set to suit specific speakers
- potentiometer ALPS RK40
- potentiometer ALPS RK50
- resistor ladder
- separated power supply

KT88         KT88 front         KT88 back

High energy, microdynamics and rich sound - 63 Watts are the power. This amplifier enables user to easily configure a specific set.

KT88 amplifier can play a deep and well controlled bass, show high scene gradation and above all richness of sound. Frequency response is well equaled.

Triode / Pentode switch allows to even better adjust to listeners preferences. In Triode mode sound gets more noble, without changing amplifier's characteristic.

Thanks to it's features this amplifier is dedicated for more demanding audiophiles and music lovers.

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